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Taxi Services to Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SAAS)



RM15 – Kuala Lumpur
RM15 – Petaling Jaya
RM15 – Shah Alam
RM15 – Sungai Buluh
RM15 – Kajang
RM15 – Cheras
RM15 – Ampang
RM20 – Klang
RM20 – Semenyih
RM20 – Rawang
RM20 – Perlabuhan Klang
RM20 – Nilai
RM25 – Seremban
RM25 – Senawang

Charges booked a taxi with us:

Meter + Tol + RM………… (ADVANCE BOOKING FEE)

What is meant by advance booking charges?
Many people ask why, and some people do not ask questions or there are some people understand why there are charges to book in advance for every booking made every trip.
After you place your order and we confirm to send a taxi for you, which means you do not have to worry anymore about your transportation because we already arrange your taxi at the time you requested. To make driver arrive on time, the driver must take at least 1 hour to prepare for traveling to a place that you ask to invite you. Between that hours, the driver can’t take any passengers / accept any assignment of radio calls/ take any job taxi from taxi application because does not want to be late and traffic conditions are also uncertain.


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